Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zoya Naturel Collection

Well, Santa was super nice to me this year and gave me exactly what I wanted, I must have been a really good girl! ;)

I have the new Naturel Collection from Zoya. This collection consists of 6 rose toned nude creams. I was so excited for this collection when I seen the press release on this one. I love nudes but have a hard time wearing most because they tend to wash me out but this one was rose toned and that was right up my alley.

Well, let's get this party started and I'll show you these gorgeous babies!!

This is Chantal, it is described as a French Vanilla Cream. This is such a beautiful pale nude beige. It looks a little yellow toned on me but that may be my skin tone with it.

Here we have Taylor. Taylor is described as a light coffee cream. This is a great beige on me and I love the way it looks. It goes well with my skin tone and I will admit that these are really my first nudes that I like on me.

Next up is one of my favorites from this collection. This is Rue. Rue is described as a blush cream. It is the perfect blush color that I've been forever searching for.

The 4th one in this collection is Brigitte. Brigitte is described as a mauve cream. If you know me well you will know that mauve is one of my favorite colors. I will say that this is another favorite of mine from this collection.

Now I have Odette for you. Odette is described as a orchid maroon cream. This one is spot on for the color of the year. Pantone's color of the year for 2014 is Orchid and I think Odette nails it!

The last one in this collection is Normani. Normani is described as a sable mauve cream. This one is just sultry and creamy and I love it!!

The formula on all of these were extremely consistent and Zoya's formula is my absolute favorite. I love working with Zoyas. They all went on smoothly with no clumps or gloopiness. Dry time was great and I believe they were dry to the touch in about 5 minutes. I used no topcoat on any of these so you can see that they are super shiny on their own.

I love every single one of these in this collection and I don't know if I could pick a favorite 1 or 2. Each and every one of these are going to be well used in my collection and I am so glad Santa thought I was good and left these for me!!

**All photos were taken indoors with no flash.

Zoya polishes can be purchased at Ulta, select salons, and on Zoya's website here. They retail for $9 for a full sized 0.5fl oz bottle.

***color descriptions were taken from

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