Thursday, January 23, 2014

NYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping Lip Color


A little while back the people at NYC New York Color had sent me a few things to review. These to lip glosses were in that package. The funny thing is that the red one I already had in my personal stash and had been using it for a while so I was excited that I now had a back-up because it is amazing.

These are their Big Bold Plumping lip glosses and I wear these almost everyday! They sent me a red which is called Supersized Red and a very pretty shimmery mauve called Magnified Mauve. You can see here a little swatch of them on the back of my hand to see what they look like against my skin tone.

Magnified Mauve is the perfect mauve for when you are looking for something subtle with a bit of shimmer and shine.

Supersized Red is perfect when you are in the mood for a red but you don't want that BAM! of a red lipstick or full coverage lip lacquer. This is slightly sheer and has a bit of shimmer as well. Plus it's super shiny!

These do have a bit of a tingle when you apply them, it's part of the plumping formula. Overall I loved these and like I said, I wear these ALOT!! They apply nicely with the angled wand and are not sticky or thick. They are smooth and comfortable to wear. As with any lip gloss, they do wear off if you eat or drink. I don't know if I noticed much of a plumper lip when I wear them but for me I don't care because I love them so much. There are so many other shades out there of this to try.

NYC New York Color products can be purchased at many retailers such as Walmart.  It retails for $3.57 at Walmart.

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