Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Zoya Chevron Mani

So I thought that I would do a cute sparkly chevron mani and I wanted to use one of the amazing new colors from Zoya's Naturel collection.

I got all my supplies all laid out on the table and got ready to go. Here I have my Sally Hansen Maximum Growth nail treatment that I'm going to use as my base coat, then I have Zoya Brigitte for the base color, Zoya Tomoko (pixie dust) for my chevron, Out The Door topcoat, striping tape for a guide, my Zoya Remove + and brush for clean-up.

Once I got my base of Zoya Brigitte down, I applied some Out The Door to seal it in and make it shine. Then once it was dried I applied the striping tape to serve as a guide so I get nice clean line for my chevrons.

Then I applied 1 coat of Zoya Tomoko to the inside of the "guide lines" and then I immediately removed the striping tape.

Here's just one nail done. As you can see, if you remove the striping tape immediately you get a nice clean line. After completing one nail I decided that instead of just doing one accent nail on each hand I was going to do all of the nails. So I started my process all over doing all the nails at a time in each step.

Here is my completed mani. I think that this one turned out really great and I got tons of compliments on it. I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!!

Zoya polishes and Remove+ can be purchased at your local Ulta store or here on their website. Each bottle of polish retails for $9 and the Remove+ is the big flipper size and retails for &9.99 for the 8oz. bottle.

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