Friday, January 17, 2014

Cult Nails "Passionate Dreams" Collection Press Release

Hello and Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to share this press release for Cult Nails' new collection "Passionate Dreams" that is being released for pre-sale today! I personally can't wait for this collection and I am hoping to purchase it before the pre-sale ends because these colors are TO DIE FOR!!! I promise that as soon as I get my hands on a set I am going to share pics of these lovely beauties with all of you. :)
Here is the press release from Maria's desk...


Passionate Dreams Press Release

Before we get to the press release, I wanted to talk about a few fun little changes. When we started Cult Nails, the idea was to create a stock of "Cult Classics". Like in fashion these classics would be the ones every girl or boy would need as part of their collection. Think of the classics as the T-shirt & Jeans of your polish collection. We also wanted to introduce seasonally a fresh set of limited edition polishes that would change out each season. We veered a little to the left of our original vision, but not to far off. We are now going to reel back in to stick with our original vision with some more fun changes along the way in 2014. Instead of seasonal collections, we are going to do smaller monthly collections that have 3 - 4 colors per collection. These will be available in much more limited quantities as previous releases. We will still launch each collection with a pre-sale event and after the pre-sale as long as there are still colors available, we will then sell the colors individually.

Another exciting change is that each collection will come with a story that you can read here!
It all started with the Masquerade collection. John wrote a very brief ad story for that collection and the subsequent Crypt Opening sale. As he sat to write the ad story for the Passionate Dreams collection and emailed it over to me to read, everything changed. I read it while out with a friend and so I wouldn't be rude sitting there reading an email when I was supposed to be spending time with my friend, I read it to her. When we finished reading what he wrote, we were both left with a "And then what happens!?" So John wrote it into a short story of sorts. He left it a bit open. Is it a chapter of a story? Or a short story to be left standing on it's own? We're going to let you decide! Based on feedback, John will continue this story with each chapter, or he will write several short stories for each collection. Are you ready for the story? Well, how about a little teaser first! Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post for the rest of the story!

PRESS RELEASE from Cult Nails™

…She dreamed of the day when she would find him, the one. And find him, she did. He passed her in the park on her morning walk. She'd been watching him as he approached. With his head down and his hands in his pockets, he hadn't given her so much as a glance. But there he was, the absolute man of her dreams. His stride was flawless and graceful, but manly. His build was average but he carried himself with confidence, not cockiness. And his eyes. Oh his eyes! When he looked up to apologize for almost bumping into her, she could feel his eyes looking deeper into her soul than she ever thought possible. His stare was intense. Heart stopping. Lethal. That was the moment. The feeling his gaze left her with was enough to ignite her passion. Then she felt it. The pounding in her heart. Her breathing became shallow and quick. Her senses were exploding at the thought of him simply speaking to her. Then, it happened. She looked back at him and their eyes met once more. It was undeniable; but as quickly as he approached, he continued on, blending in with the background until he was eventually out of sight.

CULT NAILS™ brings you the PASSIONATE DREAMS collection. With names like LETHAL, IGNITE, ANGEL WHISPERS, and KISS, this collection brings emotions of desire, lust, and passion, and the colors are no exception.

Passionate Dreams

ANGEL WHISPERS: A soft, pale pink crème provides the base color for this texture polish. Even though the finish may feel slightly rough, its color and signature Cult Nails™ shimmer create a softening effect reminiscent of an Angel's wings.
Angel Whispers - No Top Coat

Angel Whispers - No Top Coat

Angel Whispers - With Top Coat

LETHAL: Like staring into your lover's eyes, you won't be able to look away when this silver foil is on your tips.


IGNITE: Blending a black jelly base with silver glitter, it's like closing your eyes for that first kiss, and seeing stars. Ignite is pure passion fuel.
Ignite - No top Coat

Ignite - With Top Coat

KISS: No love story is complete without a kiss. Crafted to invoke emotions of lust and desire, Kiss is a vibrant red that dries to a wax-like finish.


Each color is part of the "Passionate Dreams" Collection, released January 2014. Each bottle is 0.5 fluid ounces / approximately 15ml.
PRE-SALE DATES: January 17-31, 2014. The 4 piece set will sell only as a collection during the pre-sale time for $35.00. Remaining colors, if any, will be sold individually beginning February 15, 2014 and will retail for $12.00 each.
Head on over to Cult Nails' site and get yours today!!

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