Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Zoya Wishes Collection-Winter/Holiday 2014


Today I have the new Zoya Wishes Collection that they released for the 2014 Winter/Holiday season. I fell in love with this collection the second I opened up the press release in my email. The colors are so rich and festive! I love these shades for the holiday/winter season this year and this is really putting me in the mood for the season, although I am not looking forward to winters here in Minnesota because last winter it was so cold and we got so much snow. I like the snow, it's pretty but I hate the frigid cold!! I hear this year isn't supposed to be as bad as last year so here's hoping that's true so I can attend a bunch of holiday parties and dinners sporting some festive nails with this collection!

This collection is a little different than they usually do their collections, it consists of 3 Magical PixieDust polishes and 3 traditional polishes. For each traditional polish in this collection the Magical PixieDust one coordinates with it. I think that these colors are absolutely perfect for the holiday season and winter. I am so excited to be showing these to you!

I think that first off we will start with the Magical PixieDusts in this collection...

This is Nori. Nori is a beautiful sapphire blue Magical PixieDust with holograpic hex glitter. Shown here is 2 coats with no base coat or top coat.

This one is Thea. Thea is a deep amethyst Magical PixieDust with an orchid flash, packed full of holographic hex glitter. Shown here is 2 easy coats with no base coat or top coat.

The last one for the Magical PixieDust part of the collection is Imogene. Imogene is a black crystal Magical PixieDust with holographic hex glitter. Shown here is 2 coats with no base coat or top coat.

Next up is the traditional polishes in this collection and let me tell you, they are gorgeous!!

First up is Prim. Prim is a velvet blue metallic with a full coverage, high-density pigment and buttery smooth application. Shown here is Prim with 2 coats of polish. I have no top coat on in these pictures and they were taken indoors under artificial lighting with no flash. This is such a beautiful color and it reminds me of a frosty winter morning, I just want to sit in a cozy sweater with fluffy slippers and sip hot chocolate!

Next is Haven. Haven is a true holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid to ensure brilliance. This is such a beautiful plum color. It was way more pigmented than I expected and I probably could have gotten by with just one coat of polish but I used 2 coats for the pictures with no top coat.

Last but not least is Willa. Willa is a full-coverage, densely pigmented onyx black cream. Originally Willa was released as 'Black Swan' during Zang Toi's NYFW SS15 show. I love a good black and this is going to be one that I am going to be reaching for often, I just know it. It is really pigmented but I didn't have any staining when I was doing clean-up. I used 2 coats of polish and I did apply my top coat for these pictures. What I loved about this black is that when I applied my top coat the polish was still wet (I used a quick dry topcoat that you can apply while the polish is still wet), the polish didn't drag like it sometimes does when it's still wet. That really impressed me with this one and that's another reason why I'll be reaching for this one more.

Zoya recommends that you do not use a base coat when wearing the Magical PixieDusts for best results. To keep the textured finish you do not use a top coat with these either. I personally love the texture of all of the PixieDusts and I can tell you that they have insane sparkle too!

The formula on all of these were amazing, I had no issues with any of them and they all had a normal dry time. I don't ever really have issues with Zoya polishes so I wasn't surprised when these were just as amazing as all the other ones I have.

You can purchase Zoya polishes at Ulta stores, select salons, and on Zoya's site here. I don't believe the Wishes Collection is available in Ulta stores yet but they will be coming soon I'm sure. They retail for $9 for traditional polishes and $10 for the Magical PixieDusts and all PixieDusts.

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