Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zoya Hot Lips Glossy Lip Balm

This is a product that I've had for quite some time now and I have been trying it out to see how I like it. I had seen these on Zoya's site and always wanted to try them because I heard some really great things from other girls in the beauty groups I am in on Facebook but never had the guts to actually purchase one. I got lucky one month (it's been so long that I really don't remember what month it was) that Ulta was running a free gift with purchase for Zoya. I believe you had to purchase 2 Zoya polishes to get the gift pack. Inside the gift pack was a mini Zoya Matte topcoat, a mini Zoya Anchor base coat, this full sized Hot Lips glossy lip balm, and a mini Zoya Remove+ polish remover.

This glossy lip balm is in the color Flirt which is a sort of mauvey nude gloss. It is sheer and I have to tell you the smell is absolutely amazing. I can't put my finger on what it smells like to me but I think it's some sort of candy or baked good, lol! It's in this cute little "fat" tube, when I say fat tube I mean that it's short and wide instead of long and skinny like most tubes of gloss. I like this size and shape, I don't know why though, for me it just works.

I like that the tip of it is a cute little rounded tip that hugs your lips when you apply it. You just squeeze a bit and apply. For me I think that it applies pretty evenly but if you aren't careful you can over-apply, just make sure that you are paying attention to how much you are applying. The beautiful sheer color just makes it a little harder to see how much you have on. I can also say that I have licked my lips while having this on and it doesn't taste bad either, not that I would just sit and eat it but I mean if you licked your lips without thinking you aren't going to get a horrible taste in your mouth.

This is a bit of a thicker gloss and for me it stays on really well. My lips feel nice and hydrated, not dried out after having this on. It is a little bit on the sticky side when you put your lips together but for me it's not bad enough that I wouldn't use this gloss. I really think it is a nice balm with a glossy finish.

Here's just a pic of a little bit of it squeezed out onto the back of my hand just so you can see the shade of it.

Here it is after I rubbed it in a little bit so you can see that it's pretty sheer but it still gives you a hint of nude color. On me it looks really good and I find myself reaching for this a lot while I am at work.

You can purchase these on Zoya's site here and they retail for $6 each. They are listed under the "Lip Gloss" tab on the site. There is 0.42oz according to the back of my tube and that is a full sized tube.  There is a variety of colors so I'm sure you'll find something you'll love

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