Friday, April 26, 2013

Zoya Noel

Today I have another Zoya for you. This one is Noel. Noel is described as a faded denim blue with subtle hints of gold and silver in a dense foil finish. In my opinion, it is a metallic teal with hints of silver. I could not see the hints of gold that the description was talking about. Never the less, it's a beautiful color. I can see myself wearing this in the fall and winter. I guess it could be a nice summer color too since it is somewhat a brighter (but not bright bright or neon bright) color.

I found the application to be very good with this one. It went on smooth and was not streaky or thick. Usually when I use a frost or a metallic I get visible brush strokes and it looks all weird but I didn't have that with this one. Dry time was average for Zoya's colors. I used 2 coats on these and did not put on a topcoat. As you can see in the pictures on one of my nails the white of my natural nail shown through even with 2 coats. I'm not quite sure why it did with this one but I didn't have that with any other colors that were fairly opaque. I bet if I would have used 3 coats I would have gotten a nice deep color result. Next time I think I am going to try that and see how it looks.

All pictures were taken indoors with a flash. Zoya's polishes can be purchased on their website here, in Ulta stores, and select salons. If you haven't tried Zoya, you should, you won't be disappointed. I love all of mine and you will too!

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