Monday, April 29, 2013

Zoya Natty with Purity accents

I have one of my favorite Zoya's for you today. Zoya Natty! This is the first Zoya I purchased and I love it!! This is described as a smoky deep steel blue with an opaque cream finish. This one is gorgeous!!

 I find myself wearing this one a lot and I love how well it applies. It's great for when I want something dark but I don't want to go black, it's that nice in-between. The formula is amazing, I absolutely love Zoya's formula and out of everything I own in my collection, I think Zoya dominates. These photos are all of Natty with 2 coats  and one coat of Out The Door for a topcoat.

Then because I wanted to add a little flair to this mani I reached for my amazing white, Zoya Purity. This white is amazing and I've worn it alone and it covers so great. For today I just decided to add a few dots to spice things up. I used a couple different sized dotting tools to create different sized dots and am very pleased with the results. My only complaint was that I did not wait long enough after I applied my dots until I applied a topcoat to seal them. My topcoat smeared a couple of the dots but you cannot see them here because this picture was taken before I added the topcoat to the dotted fingers. Oh well, next time I will be a little more patient and wait a little longer before applying a topcoat to my nail art.

Zoya products can be purchased here on their website, at Ulta stores, or select salons. You should also check out Zoya's sister company Qtica, they have many different nail, hand, and skin products that I hear are amazing. I am going to be checking out a few of those products real soon and I'll be sure to let you know!

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