Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Morgan Taylor Coming Up Roses glitter gradient

Today I have a pretty, subtle glitter gradient nail art for you. I did this one because I needed something simple for an occasion I had but I wanted to have some glitter or something to it besides just the plain color. Now don't get me wrong, I love this color, it's very beautiful but I just wanted a little something extra for this mani.

My base is Morgan Taylor Coming Up Roses, which is a pinky mauve nude. I really love this shade and actually have something very similar in Zoya as well. This is one of my favorite colors so I can never have too many of it.

Then once my 2 coats of Coming Up Roses was dry I took a basic cosmetic wedge and brushed on a little bit of Pure Ice Spit Fire. Spit Fire is a glitter topper that has pink, silver, and holographic micro glitter in it, it's such a beautiful color.

Then I dabbed on the coated cosmetic wedge on a paper towel to just get rid of a little of the excess and dabbed it across the tips and a little down the nail towards the cuticle. I reapplied some more glitter to the cosmetic wedge and applied more to the tips. I repeated this process until I got the desired coverage I wanted. Since I didn't want a real prominent glitter gradient I didn't have to do too many applications. I repeated this to all my nails and then once I was all finished I topped it all off with Out The Door to seal it in and give it all shine.

Pure Ice polishes can be purchased at Walmart for $1.97 in store and online. These are very reasonable prices for a good quality polish. They also have a nice range of colors and treatments (topcoats and basecoats). You can check out my review of Morgan Taylor Coming Up Roses here.

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