Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zoya 4th of July Nail Art

Today I am going to share with you a mani I did just especially for the 4th of July holiday! I started out wanting to recreate a mani I saw on Instagram but then as I got started I realized I wanted to do something a little different and inspiration just struck me.

I used Zoya Blaze on my pinky finger and thumb, then I used Zoya Purity on my ring finger and middle fingers, lastly I put Zoya Dream on my pointer finger. There is my red, white, and blue!! So pretty, I could just stare at all that sparkle in Blaze and Dream!!

Next I used Julep Fireworks for a glitter gradient on my ring finger. I've had this polish for roughly a year now (I think I got it shortly after the 4th of July last year) and haven't used it yet. Fireworks is a red, blue, and silver glitter topper that has multi-sized hex and circle glitter.

Then to make my "flag" on my middle finger I started out by placing some mini chevron nail vinyls that I got from Linda at Nail Vinyls. I placed the mini chevrons on my nail vertically and tried to space them out evenly (I used 3 mini chevron nail vinyls on this nail). Then once I had my nail vinyls placed I painted on a nice coat of Zoya Blaze over my entire nail. Once I had a nice coat of Blaze on I immediately removed my nail vinyls to reveal my white coat of Purity beneath them.

While my chevrons were drying I took a thin striping brush and a small pot of white acrylic paint (you can get this at any craft store) and painted "stars" on my pointer finger over Dream. Don't worry if you make a mistake because this is acrylic paint and it washes off with water. Once I had my stars painted on I waited for those to dry.

Next I took some french tip Nail Vinyls that I also got from Linda at Nail Vinyls and placed them on the tips of my middle finger over my red and white chevrons. Once I had them placed where I wanted them and they were straight I painted my tips with Zoya Dream. After painting on a coat of Dream on my tips I immediately removed my french tip nail vinyls to reveal my nice clean lines.

After everything was dry I added a topcoat to seal in all my nail art and keep it nice and shiny!!

I hope you like this 4th of July mani because I know I do!!

Zoya polishes can be purchased at Ulta stores, select salons, and Zoya's site here. Julep polishes can be purchased at Julep salons (I believe these are in the Washington/Seattle area only but don't quote me on that) or on Julep's site here.

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