Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Zoya and Butter London Stripes

I love it when my Mom is browsing Instagram and Pinterest for mani ideas. This is one she brought to me this week for her mani. This is totally out of her comfort zone and is a new design that I am so excited she is trying out. I love it when I can push her out of her comfort zone and get her to try new things.

So this is a cute stripe mani that she seen and wanted me to duplicate. I changed it up a bit since the original picture (I'm not sure if she found it on Instagram or Pinterest) had the stripes on all the nails and there were also hearts on there as well. So since she's dipping her toes in the nail art pool I made it simple for her. Slowly I will push for more stuff for her to try but it will take baby steps.

For this we put down a base of Zoya Dot on all of her nails and then once it was dry I added striping tape diagonally across her accent nail. Once I got the placement right for the tape I added a coat of Butter London MacBeth across the striping tape. I then immediately began to remove the striping tape carefully with a tweezers to reveal the base color beneath. We then let that dry and once it was dry added a coat of Out The Door for shine and protection.

Not only was this design a new step for my Mom but Zoya Dot is also a new step as well. She usually doesn't wear pastels and sticks to reds, wines, and burgandys. I think that this turned out really cute and I may do this one on myself in different colors soon! How do you think it turned out?

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