Friday, April 18, 2014

Lady Bugs!!!

I wanted to show you all the cute springy mani/pedi I did for my Mom. She was browsing on Pinterest one night and came across a mani or pedi (I can't remember which, lol) of Lady Bugs and fell in love with it.

Now my Mom isn't one who loves lots of nail art on her nails so at first she just wanted this on her toes. I convinced her that if she was also going to wear red on her fingers she HAD to have her nails match her toes. It was actually easier to convince her than I thought it would be. She agreed to have one accent nail per hand with a matching Lady Bug.

Her base is Butter London Pillar Box Red (I bought her this color last year for her birthday and she loves it). Then I took China Glaze Liquid Leather and a small nail art brush and painted the lady bug head. It's just a half moon on the tip of the nail. Then I took a fine striping brush and painted the line down the middle dividing the lady bug's wings. Next I took a dotting tool and made the dots on the wings with the Liquid Leather. Finally I decided the lady bug had to have eyes so I dug into Mom's stash and found a white Sinful Colors striping polish. I took another dotting tool and made the white dots of the eyes and took an even smaller dotting tool and dipped it into the Liquid Leather again and made the centers of the eyes by dotting it into the middle of the white.

Once everything was all nice and dry we topped it off with some Out The Door for shine and protection. I think this turned out really cute and think I may have to do this on myself real soon!

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