Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Press Release: Zoya Tickled and Bubbly-Summer 2014

Here is a Sneak Peak at the new Tickled & Bubbly collection for Summer 2014 from Zoya. I can't wait for these collections to come out because it looks like these are going to be some fun colors to work with.

They are available starting April 15th (that's today!!) for pre-sale and an estimated shipping of early May. They retail for $9 for a 0.5fl oz bottle or $54 for each 6pc collection sampler. Head on over to Zoya to researve your set now!!

 The Tickled Collection consists of 6 creams:

                        Rocha: a Folly Red Cream
                        Wendy: a Tickle Pink Cream
                        Kitridge: a Carnation Pink Cream
                        Rooney: a Hollywood Pink Cream
                        Tilda: a Mantis Green Cream
                        Ling: a True Blue Cream

The Bubbly Collection consists of 6 dazzling hues that are loaded with shimmering holographic glitter particles:

                          Alma – Golden Peach Metallic, holographic glitter
                          Jesy – Coral Orange Metallic, holographic glitter
                          Harper – Mexican Pink Metallic, holographic glitter
                          Binx – Purple Orchid Metallic, holographic glitter
                          Muse – Mermaid Blue Metallic, holographic glitter
                          Stassi – Jade Green Metallic, holographic glitter

I am beyond excited for these and I just can't decide yet which ones are gonna be my favs. I guess I'll just have to wait until I have those babies in my hands to decide! Which ones are you excited for?

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