Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Zoya Splash Flowers

Today I've got these cute little splash flowers for you. I am actually quite pleased with these since this was my first attempt at them.

Colors used were all Zoya. My base was Zoya Purity and I used Zoya Raven for the striping. Then I used Zoya Julie, Blu, Lola, Wednesday, and Dot (Dot is on my thumb and you can't see it in the pics). I stumbled across this design while checking out The Lacquerologist's blog and Emily has a tutorial on there for these flowers. It's super easy to follow and you can check it out here. Mine are a little different than hers but that's ok, I wanted to make mine a little different.

So first I painted my base of Purity and waited for it to dry. Then I took each color I wanted to use and painted that on. For the color you brush off almost all the color off of your brush and then brush it on the base where you want it. Then I took a dotting tool to add my dots in Raven and took a striping brush dipped in Raven to create the lines for my flowers. Once everything was dry I top coated it.

I have to say that for my first attempt ever this wasn't too bad. I am definitely going to be trying this again. I need to perfect painting my dominant hand with my non dominant hand. It was really hard to stripe those lines on the way I wanted them on and my hand kept shaking. But like they say..."Practice makes Perfect!" so I will be practicing this and maybe someday I will come up with my own design to share with all of you.

All colors used here were Zoya and you can purchase Zoya polishes at your local Ulta store, select salons, and Zoya's site here.

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