Thursday, May 1, 2014

Zoya Paint Splatter Mani

I thought I'd try another paint splatter mani this week. I decided to do this mani on myself again when my daughter asked for it on her nails. We had a great time doing manis together and since I couldn't figure out what to do on myself I just decided that a spatter mani would be a good choice.

Colors I used were Zoya Lola (hot pink), Raven (black), and Purity (white). I put my base of Lola down and let it dry. While I was drying I gathered my supplies that I had sitting off to the side and got them ready for the splatter. I had a drinking straw cut in half, Purity, Raven, a few paper towels laid down to catch any splatter from going on my table, tape, acetone, and my trusty clean-up brush. Plus a couple cotton balls for just in case.

Once my base of Lola was dry I used the tape to tape around my nails to keep the clean-up to a minimum, one stip around the finger just below the cuticle and then one strip going up the sides and around the top just behind the nail. Then I put down on a paper plate drops of Raven and Purity for me to dip my straws in, one straw for each color. I then dipped my straw in Purity, held it over my taped finger just over the nail about 2-3 inches and gave it one hard, quick blow! SPLAT!! Since I didn't get much on the nail for splatter I repeated the process again. The second one, as you can see on my ring finger, I must have had a lot of Purity in the straw because that was quite the splat. I again repeated the process on my pointer finger with Purity. I then did the same process with Raven on my ring and pointer fingers.

Once I was finished making my splatters I removed the tape carefully and took my trusty clean-up brush and dipped it in acetone to clean up what little bit was around the nail and cuticle. I then made real sure that everything was very dry (or so I thought, my ring finger smeared a little) and then added a coat of Out The Door to seal and protect.

What do you think? I wish I would have taken pictures of my daughter's nails because hers turned out really cute. We used Zoya Carmen (red) as her base and then did splatters with Raven (black) and Blue (a pale baby blue).

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