Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Cult Nails "Converse Sneaker" Mani

Here is a mani I did for my daughter recently. We were browsing Instagram and she seen these "Converse Sneakers" on someone's nails and asked if I could do that. I did some searching and found a tutorial for them (I think I got the tutorial from @thelittlecanvas on Instagram). I had never tried them so I thought that I could give it a try, I'm trying to build my free-hand nail art skills so I thought this would be a good test.

 I had her pick out the colors she wanted and she went through my stash and picked out Cult Nails You're My Dandy Lion for the base color. Then I Cult Nails Tempest and Nevermore for the white and black. Grabbed my brushes, dotting tools, and other supplies and got started.

I put down a base of You're My Dandy Lion, once that was dry I took a striping brush and dipped it into the Tempest and did the tips of the nails for the sneaker tops. Then I took my dotting tool and dipped it into Tempest and created two rows of three dots to create the "lace holes" of the sneakers. Then I took a smaller striping brush and criss-crossed lines going to and from the "lace holes" the create the "laces". Once I was finished with the "laces" I dipped my next dotting tool (just a tad smaller than the previous one used) in Nevermore (black) to dot on top of the white "lace holes" to give them dimension. Then I grabbed another small striping brush and dipped it in Nevermore and drew my half circles on the white tips to give the sneaker tops definition. She only wanted the sneakers on two accent nails on each hand.

On her remaining nails she wanted to add rhinestones in the shades of the birthstones of the people most important to her. Then we let everything dry so that when I added the topcoat it wouldn't smudge the nail art. Once dry I added a topcoat of Out The Door to seal everything in.

I think they didn't turn out too bad for my first ever attempt but I'm definitely going to practice to make them better. I love trying to improve on my skills!! What do you think? Have you tried this type of nail art before? What is your favorite type of nail art??

Cult Nails polishes can be purchased through their site here.

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