Thursday, May 15, 2014

Zoya Ling and Tilda Nail Art

Here's a little nail art I did with Zoya Ling and Tilda from the Zoya Tickled Summer 2014 collection. I seen these two sitting next to each other on my desk and thought that they would go great together for some nail art. So I sat down and tried to figure out what kind of design would look goo with these two colors. Then I went "AH HA!" and pulled out my envelope full of Nail Vinyls from @Teismom (her instagram handle).
I layed down my base colors for this mani after putting on my nail strengthener from Sally Hansen (Maximum Growth Nail Treatment) and then put a layer of Zoya Anchor for the base underneath. Then I applied 2 coats of Ling on my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers. I also put 2 coats of Tilda on my ring and pointer fingers. Once these were dry I applied the chevrons to my ring fingers and the single chevrons to my pointer fingers. After I had my nail vinyls in place I applied I good coat of Ling over the top of them and immediately removed the nail vinyls to reveal my base of Tilda underneath. You want to remove your nail vinyls right away while the polish is still wet so that you get clean lines and it doesn't pull up any of the other polish you applied.
I waited for these to dry halfway before applying my top coat of Out The Door because I didn't want anything to smudge. There they are all nice and shiny and bright in these gorgeous summer colors from Zoya. I am really loving these together!
Zoya polishes can be purchased at Ulta stores, select salons, and on Zoya's site here. The Tickled and Bubbly collections are not available in Ulta stores yet but they are available now on Zoya's site. They retail for $9 each.

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