Friday, September 12, 2014

Coastal Scents Creative Me #1 Palette

Today I have another awesome find I came across. I had really wanted the Urban Decay Electric palette but I couldn't afford the price of it. Well, since I had such an amazing experience with the Revealed and Revealed 2 palettes from Coastal Scents I decided I was going to browse their site to see what I could find. Well, I found their Creative Me #1 palette which I found some colors that were very similar to the Electric palette. Sadly, it was out of stock. The nice thing about Coastal Scents is that you can sign up for email alerts that will alert you when something that you wanted comes back in stock. I quickly signed up for that alert.

A few weeks passed and finally I got the email saying the Creative Me #1 palette was back in stock. What was even more awesome is that this happened to fall within the time period that they were running a 35% off sale on most of their palettes and this one was on sale!! SCORE!! I quickly placed that bad boy in my "cart" and then thought about the nice silvery shade in the Electric palette that wasn't in the Creative Me #1 palette. So I browsed their Hot Pots and found one that was similar. I placed that in my "cart" and a "Go Pod" for the pot.

Now when the palette arrived at my home I quickly opened it and found that the pots in the Creative Me #1 palette were interchangable so you can replace just that particular color when it runs out or you can change around the shades in the palette if you want to purchase additional pots and change your palette around. I took one of the shades out of my Creative Me #1 palette (the lightest yellow one because I figured I wouldn't use that one as much and placed my silvery white one in it's place and put the yellow one in the Go Pod. The Go Pod is just basically a little compact for that single eyeshadow pot. They are all held in with magnets that are in the palettes and pods and the shadow pots are in a metal base. This is really nice and convenient. I love this idea, it's so nice that if I run out of a shade I can just purchase that shade and replace it, I don't have to replace my whole palette.

The Creative Me #1 Palette sells for $14.95 and it has 12 shades in it. The shades are Light Yellow, Bright Yellow, Light Tangerine, Bright Tangerine, Neon Red, Neon Bright Pink, Deep Grape, Magenta, Indigo, Electric Blue, Teal Green, and Shamrock Green. The silvery white that I picked up additionally was called White Silver. The single hot pots sell for $1.95 and the Go Pod for it sells for $1.95. I had a coupon code for the Hot Pot and Go Pod and then the palette was on sale for $9.72, I also used my Rewards Points that I earned from my last purchase and got $1.08 off. That brought my total with shipping to $19.85! That is a lot more affordable for me than splurging on an Urban Decay palette.

Now let me tell you about the palette and all the shades I have. The palette is a nice matte black plastic and each shade or hot pot is held in with magnets so you can replace or mix and match. It snaps shut so that is really nice that it stays secure when you take it with you traveling. It also has a very large mirror on the inside of the lid. I like the really big mirror because if I'm traveling I might need a good mirror to use. All the shades that come in the palette are matte shades and do not have any glitter or shimmer to them. The Hot Pot White Silver I bought is a shimmery shade, I like to have a bit of shimmer sometimes. The colors are really pigmented in my opinion and they are so buttery. I haven't experienced any fallout from any of the shades that come in the palette but White Silver is a shimmer shade so there was a little bit of fallout with that one. I found that if you just don't put too much on the brush you don't have much fallout.

Here are some swatches of each of the colors for you to see...

Here is Light Yellow, Bright Yellow, Light Tangerine, and Bright Tangerine.

Here is Neon Red, Neon Bright Pink, Deep Grape, and Magenta.

Here is Indigo, Electric Blue, Teal Green, and Shamrock Green. You can see here that the Teal Green and Shamrock Green appear to be very similar. In the palette/pot they look slightly different but once swatched they seem similar.

                                                           Lastly here is White Silver.

For me I don't think I will use the Light Yellow much so that is why I put it in the Go Pod right away and put the White Silver in it's place in the palette. I also found when swatching these that the Teal Green and Shamrock Green are very similar on the back of my hand. I also noticed that when I went to take my pictures of my palette I wanted to put the Light Yellow back in the palette and leave the Go Pod empty but I couldn't figure out how to get the Hot Pot out of the Go Pod, I'll have to do a little research and figure that out. If I can't figure out how to get the pot out when it's not empty I will just have to wait until it is empty so I can pull it out. Not a big deal for me though.

Here are just a couple eye looks that I did when I was playing around with the palette one day. I have yet to create any more looks but I look forward to all the looks I can create with this palette. These bright colors are something new for me, I've never really worn bright colors before but I am really starting to push myself to wear some bolder looks. I love that at my day job I am able to really express myself and they don't have any sort of dress code or anything that says what kind of make up I can and can't wear. They really give you freedom which for me is refreshing and just another reason why I love my job!

You can purchase Coastal Scents products here on their site.

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