Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sally Hansen Color Foil polishes


Sally Hansen also sent me a couple of polishes from their new Color Foil collection that was released this summer. This collection consists of 10 new metallic special effect polishes. I received 2 of the shades and I am very excited to show them to you. There were so many good shades in this collection that I really didn't have any that I wanted more than others.

Each shade is in a bottle that is a matching metallic color. You can't see through these bottles because they aren't clear, which makes it hard to see how much you have left in the bottle, but that's ok. They are just super cute!

First I have Purple Alloy. This is a medium purple chrome. This applied so smoothly that I was really surprised at how well it applied.

Shown in the pictures is only 1 coat of Purple Alloy and no topcoat. That's right, I said just 1 coat!!! That is how well they cover, you could do 2 coats but really you can get by with one coat. Even on their own they have a nice shine but once you apply topcoat they really shine!

Next I have Sterling Silver. This is a silver chrome. This one also applied so smoothly. It doesn't even show brush marks like what you get with a frost or some other "chromes".

Shown in the pictures is also just 1 coat of Sterling Silver and no topcoat. I just love that you can just apply one coat and if you don't want to add a topcoat you don't have to because they are somewhat shiny on their own. I haven't tried this one with a topcoat yet but I imagine it will shine just like it's bottle does.

Both of these shades are good with one coat and applied so smoothly. They also dried very fast too. I'm gonna have to start thinking of some good nail art to do with these metallics and show them to you so you can see just what these babies can do!

These are available wherever Sally Hansen products are sold.


  1. I really want more of these but have only succeeded in tracking down three second-hand. I wish they weren't limited edition!

    1. I know! I wasn't able to get my hands on any around here when they came out. I was happy when Sally Hansen sent me these two! I just wish I could find more because I would like more colors!

    2. I order a few Dance Legend chromes from Llarowe to get my fix. They cost a bit more though, at $8.

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