Thursday, March 6, 2014

Zoya Hunter

This gorgeous hunter green Zoya is one that I picked up during one of Zoya's promotions for the new year. I couldn't wait to get this because it had been on my wishlist since it came out.

This is Hunter from the fall 2013 Cashmeres and Satins Collection from Zoya. I love Zoya polishes because they have such an amazing formula to work with. They always apply so smoothly and evenly. The dry time on these is pretty good too, they aren't quick dry but they don't take forever either, an average dry time. I don't think I've really had a Zoya that I didn't like the formula or couldn't work with it.

Anyways...Hunter is a beautiful, deep hunter green cream. Shown here is 2 coats over Zoya's Anchor base coat. The one thing I was afraid of with this color is that it would stain and I can usually tell if a color is going to stain by how it goes with the clean-up after polishing. I was truly surprised that I had no issues with slight staining during clean-up and so then I was anxious to see how removal would go.

I was able to wear this baby for a full 5 days with only minor tip wear. That Zoya Anchor really does anchor your polish down. I got a mini of it in a free gift with purchase and now I see I'm going to have to purchase a full sized bottle because I love that I can have such long wear with no chipping.

Picures were taken indoors with natural sunlight and no flash (I take my pics near a window so I can use the sunlight coming in).

Zoya polishes can be purchased in store at Ulta, in select salons, and of course on Zoya's website here. They retail for $9 for a full sized 0.5fl oz bottle.

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