Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pure Ice Nail Polish Skittlette

I wanted to show you this really cute skittlette mani I did. Now, I'm still perfecting doing gradients so I was actually pleased with the way this turned out even though it still has room for improvement. Next up on the list of practicing and perfecting is water marbles. I can't wait to get those down!

I used a couple colors I picked up at WalMart. Scream! is the gorgeous teal cream that went on so smoothly with no streaking and it wasn't gloopy. The silver is called Beware and these are both from Pure Ice. I love when I can find a good formula in a bargain polish! I will be going back for more colors soon! The black is Zoya Raven which I've used many times and absolutely love this black.

I used 2 coats of both Scream! and Raven and 3 coats of Beware (the silver glitter). I wasn't sure if the teal was going to stain so I doubled up on my base coat just in case. I am actually still wearing this mani so I can't tell you if it stained or not but I'm pretty confident with 2 coats of base coat I won't have any staining.

For the really cute chevrons on my ring fingers I ordered Nail Vinyls from @teismom on Instagram. You can go to her site and order them from her, it's and she has a bunch of different designs. She also has cute vinyls for your phone, stash, or car in different sayings. I'm thinking of getting one of her super cute holographic ones for the back of my phone case. I also just ordered a few more nail vinyls from her to do more nail art.

These ones I used are the mini chevrons. When you use the nail vinyls you put down your base color and make sure that you let it dry completely before applying the nail vinyl. Then lay down your nail vinyl in the way you want your design. Make sure it is secure to the nail and there's now spaces because if there's spaces when you paint the next color on it will get under the vinyl. Then you paint over the entire nail and vinyl with the next color you want (I used the Beware as the base and Scream! as the over color) and remove the nail vinyl immediately. Allow to dry and top coat as usual! Easy Peasy!!

Here's a pic of my dominant or "cinderella" hand to show that I didn't do too bad on this hand either. I think I'm getting pretty good and doing art with my non-dominant hand.

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