Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Zoya Sailor

This is another one I picked up during one of Zoya's last sales. I seen this when it came out and really wanted it because I just love the dark colors. I do have Natty so I wasn't sure if this was going to be really close in shade but I didn't care. I was getting it anyway. Once it arrived I immediately pulled out my bottle of Natty and put them side by side, no dupe here! Yay!!

This is Sailor, it is described as a classic dark navy cream. It truly is and it's beautiful! Sailor has Zoya's usual wonderful formula that I absolutely love! I had no issues with this one at all, no streaking and it wasn't goopy at all!

I used 2 coats over my base coat of Zoya Anchor and then added a quick dry topcoat. This has a nice shine on it's own so adding a topcoat was only for protection and to speed up the dry time for me.

I took these pics in different lighting so that you can see how the color changes a bit in different lighting but ultimately it is still a gorgeous navy cream no matter what lighting you are in.

Zoya polishes can be purchased at Ulta stores, select salons, and of course on Zoya's site. Zoya polishes retail for $9 for a full sized 0.5fl oz bottle.

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