Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cult Nails Iconic

Today I have Cult Nails Iconic for you. This one I describe as a burgundy with gold shimmer and flecks of gold glitter buried within. I think this one has so much dimension to it with the shimmer and flecks of gold. I love this one! Cult Nails lacquers are cruelty free and a 4 free formula. They also package their lacquers in recycled reusable materials for shipping. They are a company that cares!

Again their formula is amazing and great to work with. I find myself reaching for Cult Nails all the time. For these pics I used 2 coats of Iconic. I was even able to pick up the gold shimmer in the bottle and the flecks of gold on my nail in the pic above.

Cult Nails lacquers can be purchased exclusively through their website. If you haven't tried their lacquers you should! You'll be addicted!

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