Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Treatment


Along with the amazing polishes the people at Sally Hansen sent me, they also sent me 2 nail treatments and a bottle of their amazing cuticle oil. I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to try out these products.

The first product that I've decided to try out is the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment. Now I don't really know what made me chose to use this one first but I did. Now you should also know that I do take vitamins (I just take an over the counter pre-natal vitamin, it works really well) to aid in nail growth and health.

Lately I have been having a problem though with my nails breaking and peeling. Not sure if the peeling is from changing my polish so often or just a lack of something but I was hoping this would help.

The instructions on this one says you can use it under polish but you should apply 1 coat to your nails daily. I have been using as a base coat under my polish and if I am going to be putting on a darker polish that might stain I use 2 coats of this just because. I have been using it for roughly one month now and I can't tell if it's improved my nail growth a whole lot but I do notice a slight improvement in growth. I have also noticed a huge improvement in the peeling. I do still have one nail that likes to peel but I'm thinking it's just because that one likes to curve inward on the edge.

I would say overall I would definitely recommend this product to someone who was wanting to grow their problem nails. I think for this next month I am going to try the other nail treatment they sent me and see how well that one works too.

I've also been using their Vitamin E cuticle oil. I apply this after each mani I do and every evening before bed. I apply generously the cuticle oil to around the cuticle and then massage it in. Once I've got the cuticle oil all massaged in I put on a nice thick layer of moisturizing hand cream and rub that in. As you can see, My cuticles are looking better than ever. Usually I have a big problem with hang nails and such but I am happy to report that as long as I keep up this routine of lotion and cuticle oil, I do not have a problem with my cuticles any longer.

Sally Hansen products can be purchased at your local Walmart, Target, and most drug stores. You can also find out more information about Sally Hansen products here on their website.

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