Tuesday, November 19, 2013

OPI DS Reserve

I have one that I had been lusting after for quite awhile and was graciously gifted this one in a gift exchange. This is OPI DS Reserve. This is from OPI's Designer Series (that's what the DS stands for). It is a light pink scattered holo and I think it is just gorgeous. After wearing this one now for about 4 days (as you can see there is hardly any tip wear cause I took the pics after 3 days of wear) I am positive that I need more from the OPI DS line!

I used 2 coats for these and I was finally able to go out and take some pics in the sunlight. For some reason though, my sunlight pics kind of wash out the color a little bit. The formula was great and application was smooth. I had no issues with this and dry time was average. I topped it off with a top coat of Out The Door for added shine and protection.

The pic below is one that I got indoors and I think is a little closer in what the color looks like in person (please excuse my nasy cuticles, I had been doing a bunch of paperwork in the office and didn't have any cuticle oil with me). I think this is just dreamy!

OPI DS polishes are hard to find for most of them from what I'm told but I do know that my Ulta has a limited selection of the DS colors. They retail (at Ulta) for $12.50 for a full size .5fl oz bottle. I am sure you can find some of the harder to find colors on sites such as ebay but I'm sure you'll pay more for them and you may even be able to find some on Amazon but I haven't really looked that hard on there.

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