Thursday, November 21, 2013

More Flowered Nail art

So, awhile ago I did my sisters nails and after we finished those I thought I would also give my niece a quick mani as well since afterall she put up with listening to us gossip the whole time I was doing her mom's nails,lol.

Since it was pretty late and my sister wanted to get going home I figured I do something quick and easy for my niece. I went with just a simple flowered mani using dotting tools.

I used Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing for the base color. To speed up dry time I threw on a coat of Out The Door so I could move on to the flowers without messing up the base coat.

After about a minute when that was dry I took my Zoya Purity and one of the larger dotting tools and put on 5 dots together to make the petals of the flower.

Then I used Zoya Raven and a smaller dotting tool to dot in the centers of the flower.

Of course we had to wait until the flowers were dry to apply topcoat without smudging them but once they were dry enough we added a topcoat for protection and shine. I felt this was fitting for a young girl, so pretty and girly.

Sorry the quality of the picture isn't the greatest but lately my camera seems to decide that after a bunch of pictures it is too tired to give me the quality pictures I am looking for. I am hoping to convince the hubby that I NEED a new camera even though the current one technically works. He's a farmer so he doesn't understand the need for quality close up pics, lol! He thinks that as long as it takes decent pics that's good enough. I will prevail and get a new camera, it just takes some sweet talking, lol!!

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