Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zoya Tomoko & Arabella

Today I am going to bring you two of the newest Zoya polishes I have added to my collection. As I have said many times before, I LOVE the textured polishes but I especially love Zoya's Pixie Dusts! I don't know exactly what it is about their formula that makes them my favorite textured polishes but they are.

They are textured but not rough and don't snag on your clothing or scratch you if you brush your face. They are surprisingly easy to remove (I use the foil method for removal), you don't have to scrub to get them off. They apply so smoothly and I've never had a problem with the formula being thick or goopy. They even dry in a reasonable amount of time. My most favorite part of these is the fact that if I accidently smudge one before it's dry, I just use one of my fingers to lightly pat out the smudge and I never know where that smudge was once it's all dry!

This first one I have on Tomoko and it is described as a champagne silver with a matte, textured, sparkling metal finish (description from Zoya). I just think it's absolutely gorgeous! I think this one is going to be perfect for the holiday season. I am already imagining some beautiful holiday manicures using this one.

The next one I have on is called Arabella. Arabella is described as a rich fuschia pink with a matte, textured, sparkling finish. I just called it berry delicious! I think this one is going to be perfect for many occasions year 'round.

Zoya polishes can be found at your local Ulta store (I think they are in store only because I have never found them on Ulta's website), on Zoya's site here, or in select salons. If you haven't tried them yet you are really missing out because they are just so versitile. If you don't like the textured finish, just add a top coat to really make them sparkle! It is recommended that you do not use a base coat for best results.

*pictures were taken in natural lighting with no flash

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