Thursday, October 3, 2013

Essie Watermelon

Today I just have something fairly simple for you. I did this mani a little while ago and I finally have it up on the blog for you. I have Essie Watermelon which is a beautiful pinky watermelon shade. I really love this color. I love Essie's formula, it goes on pretty smooth and I haven't had any problems with it being too runny, streaky, or too thick and goopy. For me it has been pretty spot on with the Essie polishes that I've gotten lately. This color just screams summer to me for some reason.

I wanted to add a little something so I added an accent finger with a paint splatter effect. I had read online somewhere on how to do this and though "huh, can't be that hard". Let me tell you, it isn't difficult but it does take a good set of lungs to pull off a paint splatter.

To achieve a paint splatter take on a sheet of paper put drops of the colors that you want to use, I used Zoya Purity and Raven. Then take a regular drinking straw. But before you start doing anything make sure you use tape to tape up your finger leaving only your nail showing through, it makes clean up so much easier, trust me.

Once you're all taped up, you have your straw and polishes ready. Dip the end of the straw into one of the colors, position it over your finger and blow. I mean BLOW and blow hard and quick. The first time I was just like "Whew" and nothing happened, then I blew a little harder, still nothing happened, then I gave it all I had and voila! Splatter!! Repeat with that color if desired.

Then when you have the first color finished repeat the process with your next color but I used a new straw for the new color. I mean, straws are cheap, right.

Once you've got your splatter done to your liking you can remove your tape and use your brush/swab and acetone to finish clean up. Let dry somewhat and then apply a topcoat. Now you're good to go!

Essie polishes can be purchased at most drugstores, Ulta stores, Walmart, and Target. Zoya can be purchased at Ulta, their site, and select salons.

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