Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cult Nails All Access Collection

I managed to get in on Cult Nails' presale they had for their new All Access Collection that was just released. I was so excited that I managed to get my order in just before the presale ended. Talk about in the nic of time!

This collection is TO DIE FOR!!! I am loving this and I am in love with it. For those of you who don't know Cult Nails is owned and operated by Maria and her hubby John. They make some of the best polishes I have ever tried. Cult Nails is free of Toulene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate and Camphor.

Now, let's get on to the All Access Collection. There are five polishes in this collection, 3 creams and 2 glitters. They are Grunge, Lamestain, Wack Slacks, Disillusion, and Feedback.

Grunge is described as a moss green that in different lighting can lean grey. This crème is so versatile and can easily pass as a neutral in my books. This is 2 coats but I could have easily gotten by with just one coat. Topped it with Cult Nails' own top coat Wicked Fast (super shiny and dries wicked fast). Lighting in these pics were natural lighting (sunlight).

Next is Lamestain. Lamestain is described as a vampy red (think oxblood) that leans brick red to brown to deep burgundy. This one is a cream but a little bit of a thinner formula than their other creams. It isn't watery or thin but I recommend using 2 coats to get the best opacity. I used 2 coats here and topped with Wicked Fast.

Next up is Wack Slacks. Wack Slacks is described as looking like a cornflower blue but leans purple hued in sunlight. In my pics you can see that in the different lighting the color changes slightly. This is the EXACT blue I had been searching for. I am loving this one so much!! It has the usual Cult Nails cream formula which is amazing and this is a one coater for most. I have on one coat here topped with Wicked Fast.

The first glitter one I'm going to show you is one that I was very excited about because I LOVE black and pink! Especially together! So when I seen the preview pics of this one I knew I was going to HAVE to have it! This is Disillusion. Disillusion is a hot pink mylar flake in a light black jelly base.

You can either wear it alone or put it over a black base (I recommend Cult Nails Nevermore, the best black one coater EVER!). If you wear this one alone you are going to need 2-3 coats and it is very important that you let it fully dry in between coats because with the mylar flakes being heavy in the jelly base they will move when you apply the next coat. I used it alone here and used 3 coats topped with Wicked Fast. I think next time I wear this one I am going to try it over Nevermore just because I am too impatient to wait for the coats to dry again, lol.

The last one in this collection is Feedback. Feedback is described as a gold and iridescent mylar flakes in a clear base. This is a really fun one in my opinion because you can wear it in so many different ways and over so many different colors.

Again with this one you are going to have to wait for drying if you are going to wear it with more than one coat. What I did here is sponged it on to make a gorgeous glitter gradient over Wack Slacks. I can't tell you how amazing this combination is in person. I literally can't stop staring at my nails!! This is also topped with Wicked Fast.

All of these are made with the fabulous formula that Cult Nails uses and I had no issues with any of them. No problems applying and no clumps. Cult Nails is one of my all time favorites and I think it is the one brand I reach for the most. Try it if you haven't already, I promise you'll be hooked!

Cult Nails polishes sell for $12 each for a full sized 0.5fl oz bottle and you can purchase them here on their site. Wicked Fast sells for $10 for a full size bottle or you can purchase the Wicked Fast topcoat in combination with Get It On, their base coat for a package price of $18 for both full sized bottles.

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