Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sephora Must Haves Holiday Gift

Just before the holidays I decided to treat myself to a little Christmas present from Sephora. I seen this on Coffee Break With Dani's YouTube channel for holiday gift guides and I thought that this is perfect for someone who wants to try out some of the prestige brand products without having to pay the big price.

This particular "gift collection" that Sephora put together was only available in the Sephora's that are inside JCPenny. So lucky for me that is the only Sephora I have anywhere remotely near me. I decided that after work I was going to head on over to the mall and see if mine had any of these in stock.

Luckily mine had plenty in stock and I snatched one up right away. This is the Sephora Must Haves collection and it was $39. That's right, I said $39 and it has 4 full sized products and 2 deluxe sample sized products in a cute little cosmetic bag.

The first product in it is the Benefit They're Real mascara in Black(the only shade it comes in), this is a deluxe sample size which you can purchase for $10 for 0.13oz or if you would like a full sized 0.3oz tube, it retails for $23 on Sephora's site. I have tried this mascara before and I really love it. I find that a lot of mascaras smudge on me by the end of the day so if I'm not checking my make up throughout the day I end up looking like a raccoon from the mascara smudges on my under eye.

The next product is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black. This is a full size 0.016oz product and this retails for $20 on Sephora's site. I have not really tried this product yet but here's a little swatch of it on the back of my hand. I will note that I had to use make up remover to get it off my hand so I would say that it would have good staying power. I am excited to use this because I am only good at applying liquid liner if it is in a pen form like this one is.

The next product is the Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in the shade Palomino. Palomino is a vibrant magenta color. This is a deluxe sample size but if you want a full size 0.15oz it retails for $24. I have not really worn this yet or even tried it on myself so I can't say how I like it or how the formula is or wears but I will try it out.

The next item is the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. This is a full sized 1oz tube. It has SPF 35 in it to give you protection from the sun's rays. I have tried this out and I really like it. I've been wearing it on the weekends and when I just want a lighter coverage than my regular foundation. I haven't had any reactions to it (my skin is really sensitive so I'm careful about the products I use on my face). This is in the shade Light which luckily is a pretty darn close match for what I would use. This retails for $39 on Sephora's site. I get pretty good coverage from this considering it's a BB cream and I have a bit of rosacea, it seems to do pretty good at covering my redness without feeling heavy. I don't use a foundation primer with it because I just don't feel like I need it.

The next product that was in the bag was the Urban Decay Eyeshadow in the shade Sin. Sin is a champagne shimmer and it is a full sized 0.05oz and retails for $18 on Sephora's site. I have used this multiple times since getting it and I love this. I do use a eye primer under it to prolong the wear on it and found that I do get like 11 or so hours of wear without it creasing. I have not tried it without a primer so I can't say how long the wear time is there. I've been wearing this on it's own with black liner and mascara for just a simple eye look for the weekends running errands or I've also worn it with no liner and just the shadow and mascara for a really simple look. I have also incorporated it into a nude smokey eye look as a lid color and loved the way it blended with the other shadows. This shadow is one of the reasons I bought this gift collection.

The last item in this bag is the big reason I bought this gift collection. I've heard so many people rave about this blush and saying that you have to try it that I needed to go out and get it but I didn't want to just buy this on it's own so I figured getting it in this gift collection justified the purchase for me. This is the NARS Blush in the shade Orgasm. Orgasm is a peachy pink with shimmer and I have heard so many other bloggers/vloggers say that this shade compliments any skin tone and boy are they right. This is the perfect amount of color that I have been looking for but hadn't found yet. The shimmer isn't too much that it looks like your cheeks are glowing, it's a nice subtle shimmer in my opinion. This is a full size 0.16oz compact with a nice mirror and it retails for $30.

After adding up what the retail costs of these products and the cosmetic bag, it comes to a retail cost of $145 that was listed on the packaging for this must haves collection. That means you get $145 worth of products and a cosmetic bag for only $39!!! What a steal!! I think holiday collections like this are the perfect way to try out new brands without committing to the price of the prestige brand products. I don't know if these are still available but just remember this collection was for the Sephora inside JCPenny only. If you want to purchase any of these items you can check out Sephora's site or head over to your local Sephora store.

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