Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Glitter Mani

Today I have just a real simple mani for you. This is something that you can wear in so many different color combinations to fit whatever your outfit or occasion is. It's just a sideways french manicure.

First I prepped my nails for a new mani by cleaning them, using cuticle remover (I only do this step about once a month, that's all that is necessary for me) to clean up my cuticles, and then apply my nail strengthener for my base. I know a lot of people add an actual base coat on top of their strengthener but the one I use (Sally Hansen Maximum Strength) seems to work really well for me and I hardly ever have staining when using it.

Then once I had my strengthener applied and it was dry I put on a base color of Zoya Natty, I used 2 coats of Natty for this manicure. I really love this color because I think it is just a gorgeous shade of blue and it works really well on my skin tone. Then I applied a coat of Out The Door to speed up my dry time.

Once Natty was dry I used my Nail Vinyls from Linda at @Teismom on Instagram (you can check out her site here, she has so many different kinds of nail vinyls). I used the french manicure ones and just put them on my nails sideways so that the curve was going up the length of my nail. When I had my nail vinyls in place I then took Butter London Fairy Cake and applied that on the outside edge of the nail. Once I had Fairy Cake on all the nails on that hand I removed my nail vinyls right away. The nail vinyls provided me with a nice clean line for my nail art, I love using the nail vinyls from Linda. For best results you take of the nail vinyls while your polish is still wet, it gives you a clean line and since it's still wet it doesn't pull at the polish that is staying on your nail thus ruining your design.

Then when I had my other hand done I added another coat of Out The Door to seal in my whole mani. I really think that this is such an easy mani for anyone to do and like I said before, the color combinations are endless!

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