Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A couple more Colourpop Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils

Today I have some more of the Colourpop Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils to show you. I purchased these myself and I am so glad I did. These lippies are amazing!! You can read my review on the first batch of Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils I purchased here.

You can see that when they ship out your products you get a little personalized card (which I think is so cute and special) and they also include a little information card about the products with tips and tricks on it and other information. They are packaged so well in the box so that they don't get damaged in shipping. My box was lined with foam and then each item was wrapped in bubble wrap to further protect them.

Let me tell you, these are not only amazing products but they are super budget friendly too! All of their products that are on their site are $5 each. $5 is so affordable!!! They have the new Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencils, and they have their Colour Shock Shadows (I ordered 5 of the shadows when I ordered these lippie stix and pencils. You can read my review on those here).

Colourpop cosmetics is a cruelty free company (they are "bunny approved") and they are made right here in the USA in southern California. All but 5 of their shadows are vegan (check out their FAQ page here) and their Lippie Stix are not technically vegan because they do contain less than .1% bees wax.

These Lippie Pencils are not like any other lip pencil that I've tried. I usually stay away from lip pencils because they are dry and hard to apply but these are super creamy and go on so smoothly. They look like a plastic retractable pencil but they do not retract, you do have to sharpen them and it is suggested that you use a really good sharp sharpener (I use the Grindhouse one from Urban Decay). The Lippie Stix also come in a slim stick that is retractable, their packaging is just so slim and nice.

I bought just 2 Lippie Stix and the matching Lippie Pencils. I already have my eye on the new Limited Edition Holiday collection of Lippie Stix they have out now and I'm hoping to purchase those before they go away. If I do I will be sure to share those with you as well.

Here's a quick swatch of Bound and Flawless on the back of my hand. Left to right are: Bound Lippie Pencil, Bound Lippie Stix, Flawless Lippie Pencil, and Flawless Lippie Stix.

The first color I bought was Flawless. Flawless is a deep red violet in a satin finish. This is such a nice deep color that is looks a little vampy on my without really washing me out. I love this one!! It's so creamy! I did notice that it did stain my lips some but that's ok with me. I got amazing wear time on these. I layer the pencil under the Lippie Stix to make it last longer. I think I got something like 6 hours of good wear time. It did transfer onto my glass a little bit but I didn't mind that either (for my I always expect that with any lipstick or gloss). Below is a pic of just the Flawless Lippie Pencil all over my lips.

Below is the pic of Flawless Lippie Stix over the Flawless Lippie Pencil.

The next shade I bought was Bound. Bound is a light nude pink in a glossy finish. I have found myself reaching for this one a lot lately. I don't know how it does it but when I layer the pencil under the lippie stix this shade makes my lips look a little fuller. This is a glossy finish so it does have a shine to it and it doesn't last as long as the satin and matte finishes. With the glossy finishes I would highly recommend wearing the lippie pencil under just to extend your wear. Below is a pic of the Bound Lippie Pencil alone all over my lips.

Below is the Bound Lippie Stix layered over the Bound Lippie Pencil.

As you can see from all of my swatches these are really pigmented in color and they feel so great on your lips. I didn't have any problems with them drying out my lips or bleeding/feathering. I think that when you layer the stix over the pencil you have less of a chance of any bleeding or feathering. I also think that it extends your wear time when you layer them. You can also see the difference in the finishes of these two, Flawless is a satin finish and Bound is a glossy finish.

Colourpop Cosmetics is only available online here and they are constantly releasing new shades so you should check back often to see what's new on the site. I just checked the site out again today and seen that they are going to be releasing some holiday collection soon. I am now going to be stalking their facebook and site for this new holiday collection. They ship to the the USA, Canada, US Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico but are hoping to expand shipping in the future. Shipping is free if you purchase $30 or more (which I can tell you it isn't hard to get to that amount with all the great products they have).

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