Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Loreal Silkissime eye liners

Recently I picked up a couple new eyeliners because I heard such great things about them. I only grabbed two shades because I figured I'd just start out with these and see how I like them. These are the Loreal Silkissime eye liners. I picked up Charcoal and True Teal. I wanted Black but the store I got these at were all out of Black (I picked mine up at Ulta), so I got Charcoal which is close to black and works for me.

Loreal says that these are their first silk inspired liquid pencils that glide on smooth and intensely. They also say that their smudge-proof formula lasts for up to 16 hours. I totally agree with that description. These really do glide on smoothly and when I take my make up off before bed it looks as good as it did when I applied it 13-14 hours earlier. It does require eye make up remover to take it off without having to really scrub (at least for me anyway).

It is a pencil that you do have to sharpen but you want to make sure you have a really good, sharp sharpener because the pencil isn't made of wood like most pencils but it's made of plastic. The eyeliner in the pencil is somewhat softer so you also want to be careful when you sharpen it so you don't waste any or break it off (I almost broke mine off sharpening it because my sharpener wasn't as sharp as I thought it was, looks like a new sharpener is in my future).

Here is a swatch of Charcoal. See what I mean when I said it was close to black.

This one is a swatch of True Teal. This really is a pretty teal color that I will be using on an eye look I am going to do as soon as the shadows I ordered arrive (I'll show you those shadows in a post once I get them).

Here is what Charcoal looks like on. I still don't have a very steady hand when applying eye liner but these go on so smooth that it makes it a lot easier. This is also after about 13 hours of wear so you can see it stays on and in place very well.

I got mine at Ulta and they were $8.99 each, Ulta was having a sale so I got them for buy one get one 50% off so it came out to about $5.50 each with the sale price. You can find these just about anywhere Loreal products are sold, which is at just about any store you can imagine. I would imagine that in other stores they would be close to the same price as Ulta and you can always watch the papers and such for coupons.

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