Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jane Cosmetics Eyeshadows

I picked these up on one of my trips to Ulta. I love that Jane Cosmetics has come back. I used to wear their makeup all the time, I loved it. So when I seen they were back I had to grab a couple things to try them out and see if they were just like they used to be.

I just grabbed a couple eye shadows because I just couldn't decide what to all get and I couldn't afford to get everything I wanted. So I guess I will have to just aquire everything I want in multiple shopping trips, lol.

These shadows are Rosy Posy and Passionflower. I will describe Rosy Posy the best I can, it's just like the name says, rosy. I think this is a beautiful dusty rose pink. Passionflower I can describe as kind of a beautiful eggplant color.

As you can see in the swatches on the back of my hand that Rosy Posy is a nice lighter shade of rosy pink and the Passionflower is a deeper eggplant leaning towards brown. They both have a shimmer to them but they are nicely pigmented so you get great coverage when applying. They are smooth and velvety so there's no dragging when you are applying. There also isn't much fall-out (you know, when your shadow dust falls on your cheekbones and such so you have to clean that up) so you don't really have much cleanup at all.

When I wear these, I wear them together. I put Rosy Posy on the lid all the way up to the crease. Then I apply Passionflower in the crease for depth. Then I blend lightly up to the brow. I suppose I could add a highlight shade to the brow bone but I don't ever feel that it's necessary with these. I'm always happy with these two together. I wear these quite often and I even feel that their staying power is pretty good. There is some fading into the crease but that is usually noticed after I've gotten home from work. I've even gone out in the evening after having these on all day and didn't feel the need to do a touch-up.

Overall I'm really pleased with these and I'm looking forward to trying out more of the Jane Cosmetics products!

Jane Cosmetics are available at Ulta or you can check out their site here. These Shimmer Eye Shadows retail for $6 at Ulta, which is where I picked mine up from.

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