Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Julep Lacey

This is probably the one color I was most excited about while I was waiting for my Julep August Maven box to arrive. I could not wait to put this baby on when I opened the box!! This is Lacey from the Julep August Bombshell Maven box and it is GORGEOUS!!!

Lacey is described as a midnight blue with purple shimmer but all I can say is wow!! I will be honest that I just didn't know how I was going to like wearing a blue and I wasn't sure how dark or blue it would be on my skin tone but I fell in love as soon as I put it on.

The pictures shown are with 2 coats but in all honesty, I could have gotten by with just one coat. I was all set on just trying it with one coat because it applied so opaque and even in just one coat that I didn't think I needed a second coat but while I was waiting for it to dry, I smudged it. So I just tapped out the smudge lightly with my ring finger and then just applied a second coat and it was gone.

This applied very nicely and smoothly with no streaks or clumps, it wasn't goopy or thick at all. I think that for me it dried in an average amount of time but I always add a quick dry top coat when it's about half dry.

This color is so gorgeous that when I started I had every intentions on adding some nail art with the other color that came in my box but once I got this lovely on, I couldn't add the nail art because it is just too beautiful on it's own. I have even gotten quite a few compliments on this color as well. I hope you loved this color as much as I do.

Julep is a monthly subscription box that you sign up for and you receive a box each month for $19.99 with colors that they have chose based on your profile quiz. You can skip a month if you don't like anything offered in the Maven boxes or if you want to try another box you can do that too. Julep polishes are 4free. Please use my link at the bottom of my page to sign up today, your first box is free (you just pay shipping) and Mavens always receive free shipping. Just click the "What's Your Style?" icon at the bottom of the page.

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