Monday, August 5, 2013

Cult Nails Tempest and Nevermore

Today I just have a simple little mani I did recently using some of my favorite Cult Nails polishes. I used Cult Nails Tempest and Nevermore for this mani. I wanted something a little simple but yet a little different, I was in a weird mood when I thought up this mani...

Once I got my base laid down, Tempest on the thumb, pointer, and pinky fingers and Nevermore on the middle and ring fingers; and they were dry, I added some striping tape to use as my guides for this.

After I laid my striping tape guides down I proceeded to apply the contrasting color to the tips. Then once that was complete I immediately removed the striping tape to give me my nice clean lines. You want to remove the striping tape right away when the polish is still wet because it gives you a clean line and if you wait until it's dry or somewhat dry when you remove the tape it will take some of the polish off that you wanted to stay (I learned this from trial by error,lol). Make sure that when you are laying the striping tape down you are straight and there is no creases in the tape or lumps in it because the poish could seep down under the tape.

Once everything was dry or dry enough I added a top coat of Out The Door to protect and add shine.

Cult Nails lacquers can be purchased through their website. They are $12 for a full size bottle (0.5 fl oz).