Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat-Cherry Drop

While I was out shopping at my local Ulta store I ran across the display for the new Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes. They were pretty picked over and only had like 2 colors left out of the collection. I chose this one. It is called Cherry Drop. It is a cherry red textured polish. All pictures were taken indoors with flash and I used 2 coats with a base coat and no topcoat. 
In my opinion the Sugar Coat polishes are very similar to the China Glaze Texture polishes in texture. It dries to a "concrete" like finish. There is no glitter for the sparkle. I did notice that this one is a little "scratchier" than the other textured polishes out there but nothing too bad. Once you have a day of wear, the edges weren't scratchy anymore. Application was a breeze and dry time was average with a textured polish. I did use a base coat with these and found that even with a base coat I had some staining but that is kind of average for me with colors like this.
Overall I think these are not bad and they are definitely budget friendly for those who are on a tight budget like most people are. I'm kinda undecided about them, maybe with some more wear and hopefully getting to try out more from this line, I will change my mind. I love the color and the other colors that Sally Hansen has for Sugar Coats, I wish I could have gotten my hands on a few more of the colors. I love that Sally Hansen is getting into the trends and keeping up with what is hot this season. That is something that I don't see all too often in a budget friendly brand. I tip my hat to them!
Sally Hansen polishes can be purchased at most drug stores, WalMart, Target, Ulta, and some beauty supply stores. You can find these just about anywhere. This one was $5.99 for a .4fl oz bottle. This is slightly smaller than most full size polishes but only by .1fl oz so it isn't noticeable at all.

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