Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Dotticure with Zoya Delights

Today I just have a really simple but cute manicure that you can create without any tools, just using things you have at home already. Now with doing dots you don't really need to buy dotting tools, you can use the head of a bobby pin or the end of a stick pin (like what you use for sewing that has the pearl ball on the end). You can even use the tip of an old pen if you want. I have dotting tools that I purchased on Amazon for only like $3 or something. They took a while to get to me since they were coming from China but they were worth the wait for me.

For this manicure all I did was put my base coat of my nail strengthener that I always wear and let that dry. Then I took and dipped my dotting tool in Tiana (the minty green) and did some dots at the tip of my nails. Next I took and put my dotting tool in Eden (the pink) and dotted some more dots at the tips of my nails and put a couple smaller ones over the rest of the nail. Last I dipped my dotting tool in Rayne (the metallic blue) and did some more dots at the tips and then a couple over the rest of the nail.

I wanted the majority of the dots at the tips of the nails to create sort of a french tip. It's almost like there are pastel bubbles on my nails. I think this is just so perfect for Spring and Easter is coming up too!

The Zoya Delights are available on Zoya's site here and if they aren't in Ulta stores and select salons yet, don't worry, they will be soon. They retail for $9 each. You can also check out my review and swatches of the whole Delights Collection here.

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