Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NYC New York Color Strip Me Off


Do you love to wear glitter or textured polishes but hate the removal process? Now you can wear glitter or textured polishes and have super easy removal without any damage to your natural nails! NYC New York Color has come out with it's own super affordable peel off base coat called "Strip Me Off". I love the name of this, it's a little racy.

NYC New York Color was kind enough to send me a bottle of this to try out and review. I will tell you that when I heard they were coming out with this I was so excited because I love wearing glitter and textured polishes but I hate how difficult most are to remove. I know that there are other indie brands out there who have a base coat similar to this but I want something that is super affordable and I can get at my local store if I happen to run out. This product really fit the bill and when I was asked if I wanted to try it out I was very eager to say yes!

This base coat can be used under any polish to make it peelable. You can now change up your nail color anytime you want with no remover needed. It has a unique formula that protects nails while smoothing ridges and imperfections.

To apply this you generously apply Strip Me Off base coat to clean nails. Once the white coat has dried to a transparent finish you can paint you nails with your favorite nail color, glitter, or textured polish.

To remove this polish you just simply peel it off. As you can see in my pictures that I started peeling mine off at the edge and peeled it across the nail to the other side. There were just a couple tiny spots that still had some on my nail but I simply just caught the edge of it with my nail and it peeled right off.

As you can see that it peeled off in pretty much one piece and you can see on my nail that it did not leave any damage to my natural nail. In fact my nail was in the exact same condition it was in when I applied the Strip Me Off base coat. I love this base coat so much that as soon as I saw it in my local store I grabbed another bottle just so that I had an extra one on hand for just in case. You never know when you are going to run out and need to have some more.

This is available in chain drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide. It retails for $1.99. This is so affordable that I think I am going to pick up another bottle or two the next time I'm at the store. To find a retailer near you, please visit NYC New York Color's site.

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