Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zoya Naturel Deux (2) Collection


I am excited to bring you the newest collection from Zoya. This is their Naturel Deux Collection. This collection is said to help transition us into Fall from Summer. I don't care what time of the year it is or what season it is, these colors are gorgeous and I'm gonna rock them year 'round!!!

This collection consists of 6 gorgeous creams, 3 brown based shades and 3 berry based shades. All of these in this collection had the same consistant formula that Zoya is known for. These creams went on smoothly, I had no streaking or any issues with application at all. I will also tell you that a few of these could get by as one coaters but I used 2 coats for all the pictures here.

Now let's get on to the colors!!

First up is Spencer. Spencer is a rich camel cream. I wasn't sure how I was going to like this one because I am always leary about lighter nudes with my skin tone but I loved this one. I even added a little nail art to my ring finger, it's a gradient zig zag using Madeline, Aubrey, and Marnie from this collection.

Next is Chanelle. Chanelle is a nice toasted almond cream that kind of looks like a milk chocolate to me. This is another pretty brown that I wasn't sure about but once I got it on I ended up liking it.

The final one in the brown shades of this collection is Emilia. Emilia is a dark chocolate cream. This is just gorgeous and I have a feeling that I will be wearing this one a lot in the Fall. I just love my dark colors in the Fall. I also used this one on a mani I did for my sister and it looked absolutely gorgeous on her tanned skin!! I'm so jealous of her tan but I don't tan as nicely as she does (I end up looking like a lobster for a few days and then back to my natural tone, oh well, I guess she got the good genes when it came to skin tone, lol). I topped my sister's mani with some pink fine glitter in a glitter gradient on her ring finger for just a subtle accent. It turned out cute and I may try it on myself.

The first one in the berry part of this collection is Madeline. Madeline is a muted rose cream and I always love shades like this one. So pretty and girly. Perfect for when you want a hint of color but nothing really bright.

Next in the berry shades is Aubrey. Aubrey is a medium mauve cream and on me it looked a little darker than medium but not considered dark in my books. This is going to be another one of my favorites.

Last up in the berry shades and last in the collection is Marnie. Marnie is a deep warm plum cream. This is another one that I think I will be wearing a lot in the fall. I am actually still wearing this one as I type this post up. It's so pretty and dark, I really like this one too.

I don't know if I could pick favorites out of this collection but if I had to I would choose Emilia, Aubrey, Madeline, and Marnie. I liked all of thembut these ones stood out the most for me.

These are all available for purchase right now on Zoya's site and retail for $9 for the full sized .5fl oz bottles.

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