Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zoya Entice Collection Fall 2014


Zoya has done it once again. They have come out with another amazing collection. The Entice & Ignite Collections for Fall 2014 are inspired by the classic wools, textured brocades and metallic accents of the season, Zoya¹s new ENTICE & IGNITE collections create a palette of lush, deep color including wines, browns, navies and greys. I am just loving all these warm colors for Fall. That is one of my favorite things about Fall.

This is the Entice part of the collection. This part consists of six new glossy, intensely pigmented, full-coverage creams.

The colors in this collection are...

This is Nyssa. Nyssa is a milk chocolate brown in the flawless, full-coverage cream formula. This is a beautiful milk chocolate brown and it went on so smoothly. I am curious though as to how close it is to Chanelle from the Naturel Deux collection. Hmmm...I may have to do a little comparison post. I don't believe that they are real close, I think Nyssa is a little darker but I would be curious to see how they look side by side.

Next is Claire. Claire is a warm, rich burgundy with a flawless, full-coverage cream finish. To me this is such a beautiful vampy burgundy. I love those vampy shades, they just make me feel so warm and fuzzy. This was such an easy application and I didn't experience any staining at all.

Here is Veronica. Veronica is a full-coverage brilliant red wine. Such a beautiful wine color. I thought I had something similar in my collection but it must have been just my mind wishing I had this, good thing is now I do have this shade in my collection. I really loved this and it's such a great alternative to red.

 Up next is Margo. Margo is a modern red plum in a flawless, full-coverage cream formula. This color is so beautiful, my only frustration with this one was my camera couldn't capture the true color of this. In these pics I think it looks a bit lighter and brighter but it's still very beautiful.

Now I have Ryan for you. Ryan is a classic indigo in a flawless cream formula. (Originally released during NYFW for Timo Weiland's AW14 Collection) I love my navy colors and blues! I have just been on a blue kick lately. I really like my darker blues and this one fits the bill. I am curious as to how close this is to last year's Sailor. I may have to do a little comparison of these two as well but I am thinking that Ryan is going to lean more indigo and Sailor will be more of a navy blue. Either way I love having these in my collection, the only hard part is deciding which one to wear, lol!!

Last in this part of the collection is Genevieve. Genevieve is a cool leather grey in the flawless full-coverage cream formula. I was really excited about this one because I don't have much for greys in my collection. I think I might have one other that is a shade of grey but I don't have one like this. I also noticed when editing pictures (because I don't pay that much attention to the bottom labels normally) that my label for my Genevieve is misspelled, it's missing the "e" at the end. How funny is that, at least I can say that my bottle is unique!

I had no issues with formula or application with any of these. They all had the wonderful formula that I have come to really love about Zoya. I know that when I get a bottle of Zoya I am not going to have to worry about whether or not I am going to need to use thinner on it or whether or not it's going to take a bazillion coats to get opacity because it's so thin. I used two coats on all of these for the pictures but I think that with Ryan and Claire I could have gotten by with one coat but I used two just to be sure. All pictures were taken indoors with artificial lighting and no flash. I also did not use any topcoat for any of these pictures, I wanted to show you that Zoya's creams all have a nice shine to them on their own. I always add a topcoat to my mani because I like the added shine and of course to protect my mani and make it last.

I also want to add that you should really make sure you use a good base coat especially with Ryan. While a good base coat gives you a nice base to lay down your color and helps make your mani last, Ryan is one of those blues that will stain your nails if you don't use a base coat (I know because I didn't use a base coat when I was swatching these). For me the staining isn't an issue that I have a problem with because I always use a base coat when I give myself a mani but also because I love the color so much that it isn't going to stop me from wearing it. A base coat underneath solves the staining issue for me all the time!

These are all available for purchase now on Zoya's site here and retail for $9 each.

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