Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 Zoya Naturel Satins Collection


The next generation of Zoya Naturel is almost here! Introducing, Zoya Naturel Satins, a collection of six new, neutral nail polish colors in an ultra-wearable, low-sheen, chic satin finish. A hybrid between matte and glossy polishes, the new Zoya Satin* formula provides opaque coverage and is longer lasting than traditional matte shades. The flawlessly smoothfinish hides imperfections and creates a luxurious, satin finish nail look.

Zoya says that these satins are not intended to be worn with a top coat. For best results: Prep nail with Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover, apply base coat and finish with 2 thin coats of any Zoya Satin Nail Polish.

The finish on these reminds me a little of the wax finish of a couple of Cult Nails polishes I have. These went on fairly good, I didn't have any problems with the formula and they dried in an average amount of time. I used 2 coats for all the swatches of these. The only thing that I didn't really care for is that if you have any brush marks it showed up, not horribly bad but it still showed. I think that for most people it isn't going to be a problem but I think it's just me, I know it's there so then I see it. Honestly though you really can't see the brush marks on the few that I had. For me I will just take a little extra time with my application and then it will come out perfectly. Maybe I had the brush marks because I was in a little bit of a rush and my hand was shaking a little (sometimes I get a shaky hand, I don't know why, it just happens towards the end of the day).

First up I have Leah, Leah is a lavender tinged taupe. On me the lavender tinge is very slight and it looks more taupe on me.

Next I have Rowan. Rowan is a creamy suede taupe. This one on me is a very creamy taupe and looks a little like a light light brown on me (that's just my skin tone I think).

This one is Sage. Sage is a mossy sage green. This one is like a light khaki green on me. It's a lot prettier than I thought it would be, I thought this one would be my least favorite but it's not.

Next up is Tove. Tove is a misty slate grey. I really like this one and for some reason on me it has a bit of a dusty blue tinge to it. This is very pretty and elegant.

This is Brittany. Brittany is a rose mauve cream. This one is my favorite, to me it is a very pretty dusty rose color that is so perfect in the satin finish.

The last one in this collection I have to show you is Ana. Ana is a light toasted almond. This one on me looks more like a beige on me and I'm not sure how I like it. I'll have to wear it some more to get the feel of it.

I was really quite pleased with these and surprised I liked them as much as I did. There were a couple colors that I just didn't like they way they looked on me, those were Rowan and Sage. I just think they didn't go well with my skin tone. I know I'll still use them. I think that these are the perfect transition into Spring.
I think that my favorites out of the bunch are Brittany, Tove, and surprisingly Sage. Leah and Rowan I like but they aren't at the top of my list, I really have to be in the mood for a neutral like these when I wear them. Ana I am just not sure about so I can't say where it sits on my list. You should get these and try them out for yourself, you'll love the satin finish and I'm sure you'll find a few favorites that will help you transition into Spring!
These retail for $9 each and are available on Zoya's site now and I'm sure will be available at Ulta stores and select salons soon.

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